Doing The Two Tone Trail

Last updated : 04 October 2009 By Covsupport News Service
One recent tourist attraction in Coventry and a mecca for those who love two tone music is the 2-tone Trail.

Devised by Coventry Music Historian Pete Chambers in 2005 with a book to accompany it, the trail features twenty sites that will not only be remembered by those involved in The Specials and The Selecter but many Coventrians.

Two Tone fans Andy Bryne and Kerin Sohanta recently walked the trail and these are Kerin's photographs of a city now very different from the late 1970's and early 1980's.

More on the 2-Tone Trail can be found here

The Lanchester Poly
Setting for the Rat Race video and place of education for Jerry Dammers, Horace Panter and Pauline Black.

The Odeon Cinema
The venue for a well used promotion photo of The Specials taken on the roof

The Oak Inn
A central contact point in the formative years and after a night in here, Jerry Dammers came up with the name "The Specials".

Far Gosford Street
Once included Ramp Studios, The Cup which was a venue for Selecter rehearsals and The Hand & Heart which was an early gig venue for both The Specials and Selecter.

Lucas Aerospace
Once the work place of Noel Davies and where he came up with "Too Much Pressure".

The Binley Oak
A venue for Selecter rehearsals.

Sidney Stringer School
The place of education for Terry Hall

The Tic Toc Club
A venue at which a band called The Cosmics featuring Jerry Dammers, Lynval Golding, Roddy Radiation, Neol Davies and Aitch Bembridge played a benefit gig. Also a venue for Special Beat and The International Beat.

The City Centre Club
The Specials and The Selecter played this Nite Klub on July 31st 1979.

Canal Basin
The front and back covers of the Specials first album and the rear cover of More Specials was shot here.

The Parsons Nose
As featured in the song Friday Night Saturday Morning.

Holyhead Youth Club
Where Neville Staple first met Jerry Dammers and a rehearsal room as well as a venue for sound systems.

The Butts Stadium
This hosted a festival against racism on June 20th 1981.

The Butts Technical College
A place of learning and entertainment. Famous for Horace, Jerry and Noel seeing The Average White Band

51 Albany Road
The spiritual home of two tone and a flat for Jerry Dammers.

Mr George's
The Coventry Automatics had a residency here.

The Domino Club
Where Roddy Radiation was asked to join the Specials by Jerry Dammers and Pete Waterman.

The Specials recorded the B side of the number one Special AKA Live EP here and a venue for many two tone bands.

Virgin Records
Brad of The Specials worked here whilst Pete Waterman used the upstairs for his Soul Hole.

The Dog And Trumpet
Venue for The Specials, Bad Manners and General Public.

Andy Enjoying The 2tone Trail

All pictures by Kerin Sohanta.