We Want Winners - Rioch

Last updated : 07 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City Academy Boss Greg Rioch wants winners as well as players breaking into the first team from his City Academy players. 

Speaking to the Sky Blue Player, Rioch who takes his top of the table side to Leicester tomorrow said: "The progression that we have made in the last few years is now coming to fruition. We've got players breaking into the first team, and despite that, the academy are still getting the results. I can't ask for anything more at the moment, not from the staff or the players, it's been fantastic. 

"It is always the expectancy amongst us. We have targets, standards and expectations, and I think that goes throughout. Even though we have had a little bit of success, we are always striving to be better and improve. 

"As far as the league goes, we are at the top of the league at the moment. We drew a lot of games last season but we have begun to turn those draws into wins. Really, we want winners and we are demanding that, but it can't be to the determent of the player's progression. 

"If the results turn because we put progression first, so be it. We will have a successful season, there is no doubt about it and it would be brilliant if we could finish in the top three.”