No Swooping Eagles At Brandon

Last updated : 02 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry Bees Speedway team beat Eastbourne Eagles 51-42 in an Elite League match. 

At Brandon tonight, the Bees had to bring Scott Nicholls who had ridden for Swindon last night in the defeat to Coventry as a guest along and had Chris Harris at number five and Todd Kurtz at number six, whilst using rider replacement for Przemyslaw Pawlicki.

The opening heat saw a win for Bjarne Pedersen but with Larsen second and Nicholls third, it was ended in a 3-3.

Nick Morris made a last lap surge to win the second heat and give the Bees a 4-2 win.

Kenni Larsen and Ryan Fisher went in heat three and Fisher did well to get second place and ensure the Bees took a maximum 5-1.

Coventry won the fourth heat 4-2 before the visitors took the next two heats 4-2.

Heat seven finished 3-3 and in heat eight, Harris and Morris came back with a 4-2 to see Coventry 27-11 up.

After another 3-3, the Bees went ten points up twith Nichollas and Fisher riding for a 5-1.

After the interval, Pedersen took a tactical ride for the Eagles and although Harris got into second, Swindon won the heat 7-2.

Heat twelve saw the Bees lead reduced to a point when Gustafsson and Woodward rode to a 5-1.

Nicholls and Harris tipped the balance back into the Bees favour when they won heat thirteen 5-1.

Nick Morris came in for Kurtz in heat fourteen and the young Australian and Larsen blocked out the visitors for a 5-1 that gave them the victory.

Heat fifteen finished in a 3-3 and gave the Bees full points from the nine point win.