Coventry Boxer Out Of PrizeFighter

Last updated : 29 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service
Coventry boxer Llwellyn Davies lost his first fight in the Prizefighter competition tonight.

In second quarter-final in London, Davies, who had won his last four fights was up against Travis Dickinson from Newcastle.

The first round of a 3 x 3 minute contest saw Dickinson get in an early right hander which unsettled Davies whose twin brother Rhys is also a professional boxer.

Dickinson got in some good body shots as Davies struggled to land and just before the end of the round, landed a right when sent Davies to the canvas for a mandatory eight count.

Davies came out with an upper cut at the start of the second but combination punches and a right hand body shot had Dickinson comfortably ahead going in the final round.

Dickinson opened with a couple of lefts before landing some good right handers and it was no surprise that the Geordie was the unanimous points winner.

Punches Davies 76 Dickinson 145
Points    Davies 27 Dickinson 30,
            Davies 27 Dickinson 30, 
           Davies 28, Dickinson 29.