Shooting To Win - City 3-1 Exeter City Report

Last updated : 01 June 2018 By CH

Finally, the day had come. After everything, it all came down to this, the day we would know for certain whether or not we'd be promoted. All it took to get there was one of the best, yet easily the most stressful of my Coventry City supporting life. Exeter were all that stood between us and a return to League One at the first time of asking, as well as a first promotion in 51 years. Not to be negative or anything but a loss would have been disastrous for the club, half the team would go, and we'd more than likely be stuck here for a few years. So it's fair to say it was a bit big...

Being in The Green Man from 9am onwards was eventful to say the least, the first couple of hours were quite chilled out, with everyone almost close to crying with nerves, but once they'd got a few £5 pints down themselves they were all a bit more relaxed. As soon as midday passed the atmosphere went from 1 to 100, it topped last years, everyone was having a great time flinging about the cans of Fosters they'd managed to sneak through the fences across the beer garden. The women walking around the garden selling jagerbombs must have made an absolute fortune as a side note.