Is it Grim Up North - City 1-1 Gillingham

Last updated : 03 February 2019 By SR

A break from the usual format as this will be the 6th time I’ve written about the city of Coventry and I ran out things to say after the second one. Try this one instead

For the second season running Cov opted to boost attendances by giving thousands of tickets away to local schoolchildren. A tactic employed on a weekly basis by our parasitical egg chasing overlords. Last year this resulted in an alleged crowd of 28,343 watching Cov getting thoroughly outplayed by Accrington Stanley.

This year the opposition were Gillingham, a team who had previously shown the good manners to lose on to us big occasions, notably the sell out Friday night return to the Ricoh following the exile in Northampton.

Being neither a local nor a schoolchild I was ineligible for any freebies. Instead I opted to splurge out on the premium lounge for the princely sum of 10 pounds, suckered in by the promise of complimentary tea and coffee, a padded seat and a program.

My failure to remember how long it takes to get to central London from my flat and how useless I am when hungover resulted in me missing the pre-booked train by 30 seconds and arriving at the Ricoh 10 minutes before kick off. Cutting it fine, but not a problem right?

What I failed to factor is was pretty much none of the ground staff knowing how to get to the premium lounge. You’d think one of the first 7 people I asked would have a vague idea. You’d be wrong. Seriously, how hard is it to tell paid labour basic information?

Finally arrived in my seat after 8 minutes having missed very little apparently and sat next to a gentleman who seemed utterly convinced that Tom Eaves aka ‘Shit Andy Carroll’ was actual England capped Andy Carroll, to the point where he was reliably informing his wife that ‘that guy used to play for England’.