Worth A Read - McNulty And The Precise Value Of Goals

Sideways Sammy's View

With the sale of Marc McNulty, Ian Wallace – way back in 1978 – remains the last striker to have scored 20 goals with us to have been retained for the following season. Perhaps more pertinently though, it means that Maxime Biamou – who scored nine goals in all competitions last season – is the top-scoring player for us from last season to remain at the club.

On the one hand, to have received upwards of £1 million for a 25 year-old striker who has only scored over 20 goals in a season in League Two represents reasonably good business. On the other, goalscorers tend to be the players that are the most difficult to replace. The question is whether the money that can then be re-invested into the squad is worth more to us than losing a player who looked set to be our chief goalscorer heading into this season.