What Next For Save Our City?

Last updated : 10 January 2012 By Save Our City

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along and joined in the protest as it was loud, noisy, good natured, vociferous but respectful and peaceful, we also all received praise for our behaviour from both the police and Coventry City's security staff.

The three questions that have been asked since Saturday are How many were there? Was it a success and What next?

Firstly the number who attended is difficult to gauge but an unofficial estimate, from an attending police officer, was that at its hight there were up to 500 joining in which is a fantastic turnout. 

Secondly was it a success? The aim of this particular protest was to unite the fans behind a common cause, show the owners and the world outside Coventry that the fans care passionately about how SISU are running our club and are prepared to take action. We received the media coverage we hoped for with not only local newspapers, radio and TV reporting but also from the BBC, ITV and Sky Sports and the story was carried nationally by the Daily Express and by the Reuters news agency. We wanted to discredit SISU and embarrass them nationally and to this end we have succeeded completely. Hopefully the message will have permeated into the dark and mysterious corners of SISU's “lair” down in London. 

Now the hardest question to answer is What next? Well that is up to all Coventry City fans to decide – please come along to the Hen Lane Social Club, 6 Beacon Rd, Coventry, CV6 4DS at 8pm on Thursday and help us decide. We will be deciding on the structure of the group, electing a committee, deciding on our aims and future actions. I urge all fans who care about their club to join us, as united together we will get our club back. 

Please check the SOC website as this has been updated with pics, links to media reports and even the "Wanted" posters to download - www.save-our-city.com


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