Thorn To Decide Who To Let Go

Last updated : 01 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn, is understood, to have to make a difficult decision as to who to allow to leave in the January transfer window in order to raise funds to bring in new blood and monies to keep the club going.

With home gates nowhere near the 20,000 break even figure that SISU and the Board, are looking for, due to a number of supporters staying away for one reason or another, City continue this season to be strapped for cash.

The Board have tried to raise money from supporters with events like the fund-raiser in Lady G's at the Ricoch Arena last week, where some of the club's more well-heeled supporters including Associate Directors and Corporate members attended, it is understood.

But with little sign of any actual investment in from a board of Directors, other than trying to get a share in the Ricoh Arena which will only benefit them rather than the club in the short-term, the City boss has been left with a difficult decision of getting rid of players who will command a fee but whose loss won't greatly affect the team.

Scouts from a good number of Premier League clubs have already watched players at first team and academy level but if they don't come in with offers, then it is understood that players will have to be sold regardless,   

So who is likely to go? Freddy Eastwood has already been told that he won't be getting a new contract at the Ricoh Arena, but his wages are putting off other clubs so chances are that he will be here until June 30th.

City have a plethora of defenders and Richard Wood's name is one doing the rounds as a player who has a year left on his contract but may be allowed to leave if a price can be obtained for his services, as long as Martin Cranie signs a new contract.

Clive Platt, who was brought to the club by Aidy Boothroyd, is another player who may have to become a barginning tool.

Whoever has to go, it will be yet another thankless task for Andy Thorn and increases the pressure on him to get the best out of the players he has to work with.