Thorn In Alleged Off Camera Tirade

Last updated : 21 August 2011 By Covsupport News Service

.We have been contacted by a number of supporters who have claimed to have seen footage of Coventry City manager Andy Thorn seemingly berating and swearing at his forwards during an interview in which he was unaware the camera was rolling.

Those who have seen the footage say that Thorn said: "The f-ing centre forwards couldn't hit a cow with an f-ing dead badger" after being asked how he was he took a deep breath and a massive sigh and then came out with the above honest appraisal!

Another claims the footage went as follows:

[interviewer] How are you? You alright?
[Andy] (Sighs heavily and looks deflated and tired)
F-cking centre forwards. F-cking useless. F-cking rubbish. Couldn''t hit a cows arse with a F-cking dead badger. 

The footage was shown on Sky Blue Player but has since been removed

If anyone has a copy of the clip, we'll be interested in seeing it.