The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign Group - Northampton Protests

Last updated : 29 January 2017 By TJHW

The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign has consistently asked fans to protest in a manner that is LAWFUL and RESPONSIBLE. That same request was issued via local media contacts this week, ahead of a re-union on the Hill at Sixfields. That was the only action that we called for today and we also urged supporters to get behind the team during the game.

All members of the JHW Campaign team who were able to attend behaved impeccably at all times, whether on the Hill or in the ground.

There are those who claim that Jimmy Hill would not approve of protests that have been carried out by Sky Blues Supporters. We are not able to say specifically whether Jimmy would approve of any, all or none of the actions in recent months that we have organised, or others have carried out independently.

What we can say, with absolute certainty, is that JH would never have allowed Coventry City FC to decline to such an extent that fans would feel the need to protest.