The Jimmy Hill Way - An Invitation To Tim Fisher

Last updated : 16 January 2017 By TJHW

Press release from The Jimmy Hill Way campaign group.


After some initial optimism following the appointment of Russell Slade, boosted by the victory in the Check-A-Trade Trophy match on Wednesday 11th January, the mood among Sky Blues Fans has turned distinctly gloomy once again. The performance and result at Chesterfield on Saturday 14th leaves Coventry City sitting rock-bottom of League One after a sequence of 10 league games without a win … for the second time this season!


There is nothing to lift the mood off the pitch, either. There seems little doubt that the Club Management are prepared to let Ben Stevenson depart - it’s only a question of price - and deals for Cian Harries and Jordan Willis maybe completed in the next 2 weeks. While not disputing the quality of Slade’s initial transfer dealings, at a time when it is painfully obvious that the squad needs further strengthening, there is more talk about “outs” than “ins”. There is a real sense of further disinvestment about to happen, just like when James Maddison was sold in January 2016, without tangible benefit to the playing establishment.


To cap it all, for anyone who ever believed that Butts Park Arena may provide a future ground solution, there was further bad news as Jon Sharpe - Coventry Rugby Club Chairman – is reported via CRFC fans forum to have ruled that out. While I was always doubtful that BPA could be a realistic option, this news seemingly leaves Coventry City with no option at all after the Ricoh deal expires.


Apparently, a number of Sky Blues fans attempted to speak with Club Chairman, Tim Fisher after the Chesterfield game and we applaud their efforts. He certainly has many questions to answer from supporters about the dreadful state of our Club, so we would like to provide him with that opportunity.


At the end of the game against Fleetwood on Saturday 21st January, we are calling for another post-match sit in; we are asking all supporters who want Sisu to Sell Up and Go, or who are otherwise concerned about the state of the club, to join us in and around Block 16 for a short interval after the match. In particular, we extend this invitation to Tim Fisher: please come and explain to supporters what you are doing to resolve the mess that you and Joy Seppala have created at our club.


For example, I’m sure that we all want to hear your plans for:


·         Strengthening the playing squad to give Russell Slade a fighting chance of keeping CCFC in League One;

·         Saving the Academy;

·         Extending the playing arrangements at the Ricoh;

·         Re-establishing credible lines of communication with supporters, following the abolition of the discredited Supporters Consultative Group.


As with the sit in after the Bolton game, this gathering is intended to be lawful and responsible which is how we urge all supporters to behave in all actions. We ask everyone to obey any instructions from the police. Unlike the previous action, we are making our intentions known in advance to enable increased participation.


With the terrible position that the team occupies in League One, for the time being we feel that organised protests should not take place during the game itself. We request that nobody takes action that will disrupt matches, or even be perceived by some to cause such disruption, which could potentially harm the team’s chances. As we always do, let’s get behind the team in Sky Blue throughout the 90 minutes to give them the best chance of achieving results that we all desperately want to see.


For 15 minutes or so after the game, there will be plenty of opportunity to express our dissatisfaction with Sisu, our unfit owners. If Tim Fisher does accept this invitation, let’s give him a fair hearing while leaving him in no doubt that continued failure and mediocrity will not be tolerated by long-suffering City fans.