Ten Reasons Why SISU Ruined My Beloved Club

Last updated : 10 October 2011 By Angie Freel

‎10 reasons SISU ruined my beloved football club by Angie Freel

1) You had a perfectly good Chairman in Ray Ranson, yet you refused to listen to his football and business knowledge. You changed the original plans which were well underway, pushed him out and ruined your only hope at making this club work. You had to invest at the start, that was the only way it was going to work.

2) You remortgaged our training ground - the only thing we owned and then kept it a secret.

3) You have lied about several things including holding talks to buy the Ricoh and meeting Coventry City Council. The Council and Alan Higgs are as likely to sell you the ground as we are of getting promoted this season.

4) Furthermore, you continue to tell us that you have invested millions of pounds yet the only thing that you seem to have really invested since your initial investment is the money you rinsed out of Ranson by selling ProZone. You continue to say you invest yet you could only afford McDonald after you sold our best player Turner for twice the amount you spent.

5) You demoted Mr Coventry, Joe Elliott, from his Life Presidency of the club.

6) You tried to convince us that a £1 bid from Garry Hoffman's group was pathetic, yet you got the club for same price, took all supporters' shares, made other people cover the debts and have sold the only building we owned yet you think the club is worth more?

7) You slipped information to the papers and released club statements suggesting that the likes of Hoffman - the money man headhunted by the Government to fix Northern Rock, Joe Elliott - Mr Coventry, a Lawyer and other businesses men were trying to force a bad deal as Sam Allardyce was a director of the parent company or that they just clearly don't understand the rules of being involved in more than one football club. These highly credible people would not make such an obvious mistake. It does not matter how you want to dress this up, we are not buying it.

8) Other people are now voicing their concerns about the club such as football pundit Richard Keys and MP Damian Collins.

9) You try and keep the fans quiet with your health and safety 'Can't bring in banners rule'. This does not exist in all football clubs; it's just an easy way to save you the embarrassment, along with a few heavy handed stewards.

10) You are not football men and you don't have any alternative investors. You're losing money daily, the crowds are dwindling and we don't have a team that can guarantee survival.

To put it bluntly, SISU are just not in control anymore whether they pretend they are or not. It does not matter what trickery they pull, they have failed and will not be the owners of this club for the long term future. My advice SISU would be cut your losses and go now, for your benefit and ours.

Time for the fans to get behind the team - if we want survival, everyone is going to have to fight for it no matter how painful supporting this club is. Bring on Forest PUSB.