Supporting City Is A Roller-Coaster - Boothroyd

Last updated : 08 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service
Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has admitted that supporting the Sky Blues is something of a roller-coaster and supporters have to get on with it.

"Supporting this club is a roller-coaster," said Boothroyd to the CT's Alan Poole. "The trick is to make sure that we have more high spots and than big dips.

"You win three on the bounce, have four clean sheets and everybody feels great. Then you have a bad run and apathy sets in - Its here we go again, we've been doing this for ten years, I'm not re-newing my season ticket.

"I'm not suggesting for a second, that's what people are saying but the biggest problem in all this is me. I am so excited about what can be done here, so driven, that sometimes my mouth runs away with me and I probably say things I shouldn't.

"But I don't see the point of being dour and mediocre and even though it's been tough for the last few games, it's exciting because you find out about people in the bad times. Anybody can steer the ship when it's nice and calm but you want to see how they react when it is choppy.

"We've had a few set backs but these are moments you look at what you've really got and I've no doubt if we get everybody fit we will win more games than we lose.

"Consistency always comes through, whether you're consistently bad or consistently good and I think we're getting there."