Stick With Us - Dulieu

Last updated : 10 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City Chairman Ken Dulieu has pleaded with the fans to stick with the club.

Speaking to the CT, Mr Dulieu said: "Please stay with us and continue to support your team both in numbers and with the excellent vocal support you give each week.

We all know that we are in for a long battle and so we need to stick together more than ever. I appreciate that there is a frustration about the position we are in, but my focus is on making the club stronger moving forward, not what has happened in the past, so please continue to get behind your team."

On the protests against owners SISU which were seen again at the last home match against Southampton, the Chairman said: "I can understand that supporters get frustrated with what happens at football clubs. Supporters care about their club and only ever want the best for it. I know my colleague Onye Igwe has tried to communicate more in recent months and I think that has been welcome.

My job is to help turn around this business so that we are not having to continually rely on SISU to survive. For too long the club overspent – we are not alone in that and many other clubs are being forced to cut their cloth accordingly. SISU want this club to succeed but we need to improve all of our operations and demonstrate that this can be done.

There is no credible alternative to the path we are now on, and I hope that soon we will be talking about moving from the turnaround stage towards the building stage."