Sky Blue Trust: Ugly Protests: Fans Desparations Spilling Over

Last updated : 29 January 2017 By SBT

The Sky Blue Trust does not condone anti-social and illegal acts such as the throwing of smoke bombs and multiple pitch invasions.

We do not even excuse this behaviour. We do understand, however, that it was entirely the result of frustration and desperation and that many supporters are simply at the end of their tethers feeling powerless and ignored. This boiled over in an such an ugly fashion at Sixfields.

While peaceful protests and petitions have attracted national attention and sympathy they have seemingly been ignored by Sisu and Tim Fisher and this once great club is in now in total disarray and turmoil. To many supporters it appears that nobody is listening and nobody cares.

The clubs owners and management along with the impotent football authorities have apparently shown complete disinterest in the plight of the club and its supporters and this led to the disgraceful scenes in Northampton. It cannot excuse them but does explain them.

SISU have stated they are unwilling to further invest in the club, they simply want to park it and not be bothered by it – this disdainful attitude to an institution that means so much to so many is simply untenable.

The scenes were ugly but borne of desperation and passion. The Trust urges all fans to keep any protests lawful and ensure these scenes are not be repeated.