Sky Blue Trust - Time To Work Together

Last updated : 15 March 2019 By SBT
The Sky Blue Trust have this morning issued the following press release.
"Following various statements this week  it is now clear that nothing is going to change unless ALL parties involved in this saga are prepared to start acting in the best interest of Coventry City Football Club. 
We therefore feel strongly that it is time to stop the "blame game" and get on with the business of saving OUR club.
We welcome SISU's willingness to withdraw their legal action although their conditions are far from straightforward. 
We don’t believe that a new stadium is either needed or feasible. After six years of rhetoric about such a  stadium we remain sceptical and believe that all parties should focus on a return to the Ricoh with CCFC working in partnership with Wasps.
However if that's their intention we would urge SISU to keep their word and to work with the Council and Wasps to bring this to fruition.  
We therefore urge SISU to show they mean business by starting the process of withdrawing the legals.
Similarly we urge Wasps to show they mean business by sitting round the table to discuss a short term deal whilst the new proposed stadium is being constructed.
After all what do they have to lose by agreeing a deal in principle conditional upon the legals being dropped.
We also urge Coventry City Council to work with SISU in finding them suitable land, if available, in line with the local plan within Coventry and to assist with the planning process. 
We now call for all those involved to cease the stubborn refusal to cooperate and urge all parties to set aside their historic antipathies and work together on a long term solution for the club and its long suffering supporters. 
Be that a new stadium or long term deal at the Ricoh the future of this great club is in all of your hands - don't let us down. Work for one common goal in good faith, history will judge you."