Seppala Statement - Your Views

Last updated : 24 December 2012 By Covsupport News Service

A few of your views on the statement released by SISU Boss Joy Seppala regarding Coventry City FC.

"It's the season of good will but Joy can stick her message were the sun don't shine. The article I read says Doncaster have agreed to pay an inflation linked £100,000 a year for the stadium lease. Joy says it's £10,000"

"She has come out with nothing we don't already know in her statement. It would of been far better saying the Ricoh rent deal is sorted and the club have agreed a fee with Forest for McGoldrick and also kept Bailey and Adams on loan till the end of the season. That is the kind of news i want to hear."

"OMG that woman comes out with some crap"

"Im sorry but this alll seems a bit Bah Humbug to me"