Seppala - All We Want Is A Stadium We Can Call Home

In an interview with Sky Sports, Joy Seppala has said that all she and her Sisu Capital company and Otium Entertainment Group and Sky Blues Sports & Leisure want is for Coventry City to have a stadium they can call their own.

Seppala, clearly giving the Coventry Telegraph and others a wide berth, said: We have kept our counsel for many years as we do not get involved in public rows.

"But we are breaking with tradition because it's essential that we explain to the fans, the status of Coventry City FC.

"All we want is a stadium we can call home, an ability to generate revenues like any other football club, to control our costs and build a stable base that will allow us to enjoy more promotions and hopefully one day reach the dream of the Premier League.

" We have been to Wembley twice recently, we have a thriving academy and we're three points off the play-offs. There are definitely reasons to be optimistic.

"Why are we doing this now? Because the fans must hear all sides of a story which has been 20 years in the making.

"We are not dealing with opinions. We are dealing with facts and today we are providing comprehensive background that sets out how we reached this position."



CNS Sport/MS