Robins: We Are Not Fit Enough

Last updated : 18 March 2017 By CNS Sport
Coventry City Manager Mark Robins blamed his side's fitness during the 1-0 defeat at MK Dons.
Questions have been asked if former City head of fitness Pete Tierney had been properly replaced as the fitness this season has not been what is has been in previous seasons and speaking to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire: Mark Robins:  “I think it was better  but we’re not fit enough, don’t get around the pitch for 90 minutes and at times that will cost us. 
“We are where we are and it’s very sad. 
"There is some decent talent here.
"We started off OK and the belief will start to come back if we keep playing in that manner and try to drive. 
"We ended up getting closer to their box – and I know it was ironic cheers from the fans, and I get that – but at least we’re trying to get in their penalty area and create things.
But the pressure and momentum doesn’t build because we run out of steam.
"Managers and coaches have got a responsibility to get the players fit.
" It’s a two-way street and they have got to work.
“It’s not a criticism of anyone that’s gone before, although I suppose it is really, but you have got to work with players and make them as aware and savvy as they can be because they’re young heads on young shoulders.
“You have to try to put a bit of know-how into them but, having said that, they have had a go.
"It’s very frustrating but this is the situation we’re in and we’ll keep working with them. 
“At some point we have got to try to relieve the pressure a little bit by upping the work-rate and intensity, which they have done, but it’s not sustainable with the levels of fitness.
“I don’t know what work they have done before but I can only go on what I have been told.
"That’s none of my business. 
"What happens now is.”