Robins - The Owners And Board Are Looking For A New Direction

Last updated : 07 March 2017 By CNS Sport

Latest Coventry City manager Mark Robins was interviewed on Talk Sport earlier by Jim White.

Robins' appointment, which has been seen by some cycnics as nothing more than a publicity stunt to get supporters to renew their season tickets and a chance for the club to rebuild by others, said in the interview: “I didnt have to think twice about taking the job.

“I know the club, the owner and Tim Fisher - they are good people.

It’s been painful watching from afar. We need to do it right and build something tangible for the supporters to be proud of.

“The owners and board are looking for a new direction."

Robins said that he had not been employed to try and get a peace deal between, Sisu, Otium and the supporters who feel the club would be far better off without Joy Seppala, Tim Fisher, Mark Venus and some of the staff they employ and said: “That’s not my role. I have to focus on the football side, as that’s my job.

“But if there’s anything I can have an input on then I will as I’m passionate about this.

We have to build for the future and it will be done properly,”

Asked if the focus was on starting again next season, Robins said: “Everyone is realistic. We have won five games all season and we have to win eight games to remain in the division."