Managers Need Time - Boothroyd

Last updated : 01 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service
Coventry City Manager Aidy Boothroyd has said that managers need time to succeed.

Brian Laws and Darren Ferguson have both been ousted from Championship clubs in recents days and the City boss who is coming under increasing pressure from supporters to get his team able to compete with the division's front runners, having raised the expectaton level told the CT: "There are a lot of managers out of work because that's the nature of the job these days.

"The survival expectancy is down to eleven or twelve months so that is not good is it?

"The days of managers being at a club for seven or eight years have gone. You've got Sir Alex, Arsene Wenger, David Moyes, Dario Gradi - although he goes in and out of the revolving door when he fancies it but I can't think of many others.

"In any walk of life, it takes time to be a good manager, you have to look at the squad you're inheriting, the players you need to bring in, the support you're going to get from your Chairman and what sort of Chairman he is - one who wants to pick your team or one that will help you do what you want to do.

"There's the expectations of the fans, the size of the club, the potential, who you can bring with you, what you can do. There are so many things to consider but at the end of the day you can't say no because it's a job and you have got to pay your mortgage.

"In his autobiography Brian Clough said that when he got the sack after 44 days at Leeds United he felt a bit more comfortable as a manager because he knew he didn't have the pressure of having to pay his mortgage, feed his family etc.

"I've not been in that position but I believe that the players and managers who get to the top are the ones who are driven by winning things, improving people, being successful, leaving a legacy not material things."