Level Playing Field Fan Awards 2012

Last updated : 18 January 2012 By LPF

LPF Fan Awards 2012

With the start of 2012 and last season’s Level Playing Field Fan Awards now being presented, it is time to look ahead to nominations for the current season. 

If there is someone that you know who you feel deserves to have their contributions recognised, then let us know! 

If you have previously nominated someone in the past but they have been unsuccessful please do not be put off nominating them again. All past nominees have been worthy of awards but unfortunately there can be only one winner. 

Level Playing Field, whose head office is in Coventry, has created a template to assist you with your nomination which you can access by visiting the website http://www.levelplayingfield.org.uk/Level-Playing-Field-Awards-2011.aspx  

There will once again be three categories – the Joseph Wratten Award, the Club Employee Award and the Volunteer Award. 

The Joseph Wratten Award won by Coventry City supporter Kev Monks in 2011: Do you know of a fan who consistently goes that extra mile to make all the difference? Perhaps they follow their team everywhere they go or maybe they regularly help out fellow supporters and no ask is too big. Perhaps it is someone who you know you can always rely on? 

Volunteer Award: Is there someone you know that volunteers their time, whether to the club or to the benefit of disabled supporters. A Volunteer, Steward or Disabled Liaison Officer who always goes the extra mile? Or maybe a member of your DSA that volunteers their time raising funds for example or assisting the club and its fans? 

Club Employee Award: Do you know a Disabled Liaison Officer that is continually striving to improve services for their clubs disabled supporters, again maybe a Steward who always goes the extra mile or any other member of staff at the club who is proactive and works hard to support disabled fans?

Whatever the reason, Level Playing Field wants to hear about the people out there who are making a real difference. 

Three excellent nominees have been honoured for last season, but there are plenty more people out there whose efforts deserve recognition. Email Level Playing Field at info@levelplayingfield.org.uk with your nomination template or if you feel more comfortable providing the information in the body of the email please send LPF the nominee’s name, what they do that is so worthy of praise and contact details for both of you. 

The deadline for nominations to be received is 29th February.

The winners will be announced to the public during the Level Playing Field Weeks of Action 2012. However, winners will be informed prior to the Weeks of Action as will their Clubs as this may give the club the opportunity to also honour the winners as part of any planned activities.