Leeds Police Say Why They Take Photos

Last updated : 01 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

West Yorkshire Police have finally said why they take photographs of visiting supporters.

Most of the 300 Coventry City supporters were photographed before kick off at Elland Road for the recent Sky Blues 1-1 draw at Leeds United and it is understood that subsequent complaints were made to the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Football Supporters Federation, after no reasonable explanation was offered by either the West Yorkshire police officers on duty at the game or the West Midlands Police Football Liasion Officer, who attends every Coventry City game, via social networking sites.

Cardiff City supporters who were flimed and searched before being allowed into Elland Road for their game on Sunday, held a demonstration outside the ground after twenty of their supporters were ejected for standing.

Inspector Dave Apstee, of West Yorkshire Police, told the South Wales Echo last night as to why supporters are filmed at Elland Road: “Football matches are allocated a level of risk depending on the teams involved and certain tactics are used to help police reduce the potential for any trouble.

“This has included on occasions the use of officers recording footage and taking still images. This is a tactic West Yorkshire Police has used at many events besides football matches.”