Keep Going Until The End - Thorn

Last updated : 22 March 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has said that the Sky Blues will keep going to the end of the season. 

Speaking to Sky Blue Player after the 2-2 draw at Cardiff City on Wednesday night, Thorn said: "We are going to keep going right until the end and we are now only one win away from getting out of the relegation zone. 

"We have eight massive games coming up with some big home fixtures in there and we are hoping we can use that advantage. 

"We are going to enjoy it as well. We just need to express ourselves and play our football. We never lumped it forward tonight and kept our shape, and it has got the reward. 

"We have got the momentum to do it and with the support we have, there is no reason why we can't get ourselves out of it. 

"We are really proud of our efforts tonight so we will keep going."