If You Can't Handle Playing For Coventry City Move On - Robins

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has told his players thay if they cannot handle playing for the Sky Blues then they should move on.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole, following the 1-0 loss to Yeovil Town on Saturday which saw some sections of the support boo the players off, Mark Robins said: "Everybody knows what playing for Coventry City means. It’s a big club, so if you can’t handle it, move on.

"There’s nothing wrong with the application but we need the refinement now, a little bit of guile, and nous. And we’ve got to make sure that we work hard, really mean it, because I didn’t see that today.

"It’s a body blow – not fatal at this stage, but we can’t keep doing things like that and expect to keep coming back from them."

"I need this club to progress so I need them to progress as players.

"We mustn’t become nearly men. We’ve done great to get into the position we are and have everybody slapping us on the back but now we need to finish it off.

"They want to do it – they’re an honest bunch, in all fairness – and they’re better than they’ve shown this week, but we’ve just got to be smarter.

"You can’t be comfortable being a Coventry player; I’ll have to make it a little bit less comfortable for them.

"The fans are frustrated and I’m with them on that. But I’m the only one who can change it and that’s what I’ll do."

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