If SISU Pull Out There Is No-One - Fisher

Last updated : 23 April 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City Director Tim Fisher has warned that if owners SISU do decide to pull out then there is no-one to take over the Sky Blues.

Speaking to the CT''s Alan Poole, Mr Fisher who will be in London this week for talks with SISU said: "I'll do my best to ensure that SISU remain motivated to keep going, that's one of my principal roles here - showing them the positivity.

"It's difficult for SISU to reconcille investing £40 amid the antipathy we have all seen.

"The knee jerk reaction is "SISU Out" but I have had a number of conversations with supporters and the one warning I would give is "be very careful what you wish for".

"There is a vacuum behind SISU. There is not a queue of people saying 'now it's my turn to take on the club' and we haven't had a bid from Mr Hoffman. There are no negotiations or discussions going on.

"Gary has the football club at the very centre of his heart and if he could find investment he would.

"He's frustrated because he hasn't been able to deliver that. But it is not for the want of trying - it does not make him a bad man.

"What happens on the pitch is key to all of this; if you get that right what happens off the pitch becomes secondary, even tertiary. That is why we have got to get that bit right.

"And if SISU do step out, I can categorically state that as of today there is no-one coming in - no-one."