I Don't Know What Good A Protest Is Going To Achieve

Last updated : 03 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Below are two views we have received about Save Our City and the planned protest on Saturday.

Firstly from RS

Dear “Saveourcity” whoever you are(don’t hide behind a name that is cowardly).  

I cannot see what good your protest is going to achieve.

If SISU do as you ask and get out.

1.Who is going to buy the club?

2.If there is no buyer we shall be put into administration, is this what you want?

3.You want to raise National awareness of our situation through the media. Outside of Coventry do you really think that anyone will care about CCFC? Did anyone care what happened to Plymouth? Or any other clubs that have fallen into the same situation? Get real this is a local issue.

4.If you succeed and get an empty stadium (which I very much doubt) what effect do you think it will have on the players? So! It is only the FA Cup, but it brings in much needed revenue, plus more match time to get their game together. 

The continued chanting of “Sisu Out” at home and away games must have a disturbing effect on the players who need all the support we can give but not this sort. 

So! Let the likes of Gary Hoffman, Ray Ransom, Joe Elliott and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all that may be interested in “Saving our Club” do it in a proper business-like manner. Not like you propose, because whatever you try to prevent trouble, there will be “bully boys” and “jobs” joining in for the so called “fun of it”. This will bring the fans and the club into disrepute, is this also what you want?

In reply from PM

The sad thing about this affair as I've said before is that it splits the opinions of fans.
I for one applaud the efforts of the Save our City group and In answer to the points raised above
1. Hoffman group
2. No one wants administration & lose ten points.
3. Yes people cared about Plymouth and the ownership of football clubs is something that should concern us all. Too many clubs are in the hands of foreign owners but SISU is more than a local issue.
4. There won't be an empty stadium and I disagree with people staying away but that's their choice.
The chanting of 'SISU Out' is not having an impact in my view on the team. We won the last two games. AT consistently thanks the away fans particularly at Leeds.
Having been to every away game this season where 'SISU Out' chants are the loudest, I've not seen one example of where players are negatively impacted.
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