Hoffman: We're Ready To Talk To Seppala

Last updated : 01 June 2017 By CNS Sport

Gary Hoffman has said that the consortium he and others are involved with, are willing to talk to Joy Seppala and co about the purchase of Coventry City FC anytime, anywhere.

The Sky Blue Trust amongst others are supporting bids to change the ownership of the club which now seems destined to crash out of the Football League unless changes are made.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Gary Hoffman said:  “We were pleased to see the Sky Blue Trust statement yesterday. The consortium is mostly made up of passionate Sky Blues fans.

“The big question is ‘how much will SISU accept?’ We have been given no indication.

“As Coventry fans ourselves, we believe that broad engagement with fans is important. We are all the sky blue lifeblood. Also we think fans should be given an opportunity to own a stake in the club.

“The consortium has enough money to fund a sensible purchase price for the club and the amount necessary to build a stable, sustainable and successful future.

“Funds from the broader-base of supporters would be very valuable in the re-development of the club and in achieving the ambitions that we all share.

“The Trust and the consortium and have talked and met on several occasions. If we could, we would meet with all 43,000 who were at Wembley. We all share the same objective.”

“It is clear that the Trust has some professional skill-sets and is very happy to provide voluntary assistance that which will help the acquisition process and in the re-creation of a true community club, if the purchase is completed successfully.

“Raising money through a community share issue has worked elsewhere. The Trust has advanced plans for it. So, we think it would be a great way for fans to help to get the club back to where it belongs - with people that care - and enable ownership and involvement going forward.

“We are ready to talk to Joy Seppala and her team anytime, anyplace, anywhere.”