Hoffman And Co Cut Ties With Dale Evans

Last updated : 08 January 2018 By CNS Sport

The consortium involving Gary Hoffman and co, have correctly cut all lines of dialogue with Dale Evans, who spouting off on Facebook that he had made a bid for Coventry City FC via a firm of solicitors in Norwich has been proved to be nothing more than a pack of lies.

Mr Hoffman told the Coventry Telegraph: “It was clear quite quickly that the promises were not going to be followed through.

“So I told him we were ending our dialogue several weeks ago.

“It’s a great shame. These things are distracting from the success on Saturday and from the professional way in which we have gone about our business as a consortium.”

Last night, Mr Evans said that he had bid for the club via a formal offer and also sent some City supporters an email that he claimed was from Laura Deering of Sisu Capital etc, accepting his offer for £20m.

However, a solicitor from Clapham & Collinge in Norwich has made it very clear that no such bid was made by their firm and that they will have nothing to do with Mr Evans on any matter..