Grounds Where Coventry City Could Play Next Season

Last updated : 05 January 2018 By CNS Sport/TK

With the situation as to where Coventry City will play next season, still as clear as mud, we look at some possibly plausible and impossible alternatives which include theories, conspiracy theories and the like, if common-sense does not prevail and the Sky Blues, have to leave the Ricoh Arena which was originally built for them, once again.

1 The Butts Park Arena

If Coventry City were out of the Ricoh Arena, then the Butts Park Arena might be a possibility if Coventry Rugby Club were to win (and we hope they do) the National League One division and get promoted back into the Championship, then Cov, in order to possibly fulfil the ground requirements of the Championship, could possibly ground-share at the Ricoh Arena.

If Coventry Bears Rugby League club, who are also based at BPA, were to join Cov and Wasps at the Ricoh Arena, those involved in the City Of Rugby initiative in Coventry, would no doubt be happy as Larry at having the Ricoh as a rugby venue for both codes and in use all year round.

With Cov and Cov Bears at the Ricoh, that would leave the way for the Sky Blues to groundshare with Coventry United at BPA, Tim Fisher to get what he wants and then develop a stadium up to Football League standards.

Chance of it happening 4/10

2 Liberty Way, Nuneaton

If the rumours are correct in that Liberty Way could be made available to anyone who wants to buy the stadium, then this ground which is up to National League North level and could be a goer if money was spent in order to comply with the Football League regulations.

City have been using Liberty Way for their home pre-season games for the last two seasons.

Chance of it happening 3/10

3 Sixfields, Northampton.

With the Football League not bothered where the games are played as long as league matches are played to their fullness, Coventry City still have an agreement with Northampton Town and could again look to Sixfields.   

Chance of it happening 1/10.  Sections of the City support at Sixfields a year ago in the defeat at Northampton Town, who made their feelings known by pitch invasions and flare throwing etc, provoked such a reaction that the Sky Blues are unlikely to be asked back.   

4 The Bescot Stadium, Walsall

Tim Fisher tried and failed to get City playing at the Bescot Stadium. Walsall had concerns about the wear and tear on their pitch and the lack of income from food and drink due to small crowds, plus their own supporters being unhappy with ground-sharing.

These concerns are not likely to have disappeared.

Chance of it happening 1/10

5 De Montfort Park, Hinckley.

The former home of Hinckley United is part owned by Midland Football League side Leicester Road FC and the rest by Hinckley Stadium Ltd. Would need more seats and money spent in order to get it up to Football League standard and two stadium owners to deal with.

Chance of it happening 1/10