Extra Time

Last updated : 05 January 2009 By Football Supporters Federation

Extra Time!

Last month's Champion League draw gave us the tasty prospect of Jose Mourinho returning to England as his Inter Milan side journey to Old Trafford. We're also savouring the prospect of Zlatan Ibrahimovic taking on one of the world's best centre-back pairings. Aside from being Inter's most dangerous attacker, Zlatan produced the most ridiculous pass we've ever seen last month. Absolutely brilliant, but why didn't he just head it?! Anyway, Zlatan likes a trick, and in his Ajax days showed himself capable of the sublime. How many times do they fall for the dummy?

Strictly Come Dancing. Words that send a shiver down our spine, has there ever been a worse TV show? And we remember ITV's Premier League coverage. Anyway, if you're a massive fan of SCD, we apologise. Here's a clip of Tore Andre Flo, the Scandinavian Bambi, embarrassing himself on Norwegian TV as some form of hideous compensation.

In more reality TV news (we don't watch them, honest) we noticed The X Factor has inspired the masses into rediscovering Hallelujah with three versions crashing into the top 40, including the Leonard Cohen original. Unfortunately this old Boro version in homage to Mark Viduka wasn't one of them.

Now that Roy Keane has spare time on his hands Triggs can expect a few more walks. But we're sure even Triggs wasn't prepared for Google's thoughts on the matter. Check out the 'Did you mean?' section. Shocking stuff. Don't read if you're U18 (red rag to a bull, eh?). Or Roy Keane. Or Triggs. Hat-tip to Off the Post for that one.

We don't spend all our time watching football either. Occasionally we tune in to other stuff, and Harry Hill's always good for a laugh, even if he does split opinion. Check out his send up of that Brazil/Nike airport advert. Made us laugh anyway.

Finally, This German ref shows how it should be done, when trouble kicks-off - multiple cards. Swift, efficient, no nonsense, German. It's the future.

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