Elliott Happy To Talk To All Fans In Past And In Future

Last updated : 30 January 2012 By Jan Mokrzycki
Contacted by Joe Elliott this morning in the wake of the Save Our City meeting and he asked me to set the record straight over comment raised at that meeting which have appeared on some forums.
Joe Elliott has stated that he has been happy to communicate with all fans and fan groups in the past and will definitely do so in the future, without prejudice, and he is proud of his record of fan interaction and communication. However during the confidential and delicate talks that are currently progressing between the Hoffman consortium and SISU it was felt best by all parties that their affairs were conducted in private and not via the media and therefore no comments would be made by Joe or any other person attached to the process until such time as there was something significant to announce.
He pointed out that he himself deals with many people at the club on a daily basis and would encourage any group to work with the club to help fill the Ricoh and get increased numbers of fans behind the team. Now the two sides were in constructive dialogue the immediate priority was Championship survival and getting as many fans into the Ricoh and behind the team.
Happy to set record straight Joe.