Coleman Will Work With Duo If Appointed

Last updated : 10 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City manager Chris Coleman has said that he will work with assistants Raymond Verhaijen and Osian Roberts if he is appointed as manager of Wales.

Coleman, has resigned from his position with Greek side Larissa, citing financial reasons, and said that he would work with the duo who are the choice of the Welsh players including Arron Ramsey, who has told the BBC that the Welsh players were not happy about not being consulted as to who should replace the late Gary Speed.

Ramsey said in an interview with BBC Radio Five Live; I've spoken to a few of the other players about it and they all feel the same as I do and I think we need to keep the staff that we have now," Ramsey said."What we have done so far has been really good and we can still build on that, so keeping the same people there is going to be key to our success.

"We don't want a new manager who is going to bring in a whole new staff and things like that, which is going to bring their own style and techniques and then we're going to have to adapt to that.

"I think someone like Ian Rush, who said that he'd just be a figurehead and would support the way we're [playing] right now, maybe that would be a good option.

"I think [Giggs] is very experienced, he's done the majority of things as a player and could offer some great advice to the teams and things.

"I'm not sure what his feelings are, but somebody like that would be a great appointment."