City Must Stick With Thorn - Kamara

Last updated : 13 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

TV Pundit Chris Kamara has urged Coventry City to stick with Andy Thorn as manager.

"It's not fair on Andy Thorn," Kamara told the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter.

"It's a very difficult position he finds himself in and it's a very difficult environment for him to be in. You've got to spend to get out of the Championship and if you don't spend you will have a tough job getting out of that league.

"What will happen if things keep going the way its going is they will get rid of Andy and bring somebody else in and give them the money, so why not give just give it to the current manager to spend?"

The club has come under the national media spotlight in recent weeks following a failed takeover bid by former chief executive Gary Hoffman.

Kamara has fond memories of when the club were in the top flight but he feels without investment a return to the Premier League is unlikely.

"I thought that when Ray Ranson was involved he would steer the club in the right direction and I think that was happening to a certain extent but it didn't quite work out.

"One thing you always thought about Coventry over the years is that they were an established Premier League club and they would be in the Premier League for a long time to come.

"But it's just amazing how things turn around and fortunes change. Now the club has got a wonderful stadium which they didn't have during the glory days but they can't fill it.

"They need some investment to get them back to that level but give Thorn time because it's not easy. He's finding out about his players and finding his way in management. He's got to try and build.

 "When in doubt play the youngsters because you do tend to be more forgiving with them.

"You want them to do well and your willing them to do well but at times it can be a bit above them and they're not quite ready, but there's always one diamond that comes out of it all."