Chairman Dulieu to head contract renewal talks

Last updated : 24 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Following the past debacles when previous players were allowed to run down their contracts and leave on Bosman free transfers, the board appear to have learnt not to leave important contract negotiations until the last minute.

In an attempt to keep at least two of their key players, captain Sammy Clingan and defender Martin Cranie, chairman Ken Dulieu is due to fly in from his home in Portugal to lead the contract talks himself.

The two players are seen as vital members of the squad and the board and management are intending that they do all in their power to tie them to the club for as long as possible.

Last season Kieren Westwood, Aron Gunnarsson and Marlon King all left the club when their contracts expired despite being offered improved new deals. The players involved believed the club had delayed contract renewal talks for too long and they wanted to secure their future before the last minute.

It would appear that the board has learnt from these past mistakes and are keen to sort out new deals well in advance.

Several of the club's youngsters have been offered new deals by the club and are expected to sign later this week.