Brody Confident City Will Break Even Next Season

Last updated : 17 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City Director Leonard Brody is confident that the Sky Blues can break even by the start of next season.

City have been subjected to a number of cost-cutting measures by the Board and speaking to the CT, Mr Brody about the finances and would they be affected if City were to be relegated said: “My answer to that is probably going to be significantly different to the other board members,

“I think there is much less of a correlation between money spent and position in the table than people believe.

“I think you have statistically just as many examples of clubs that have over spent and under performed as clubs that have under spent and over performed.

“So I think it is reasonable to remove the math of the finances from whether you stay up or stay down.

“I think the question is, is the squad that we have, with the management we have in the current league environment capable of staying up?

"And to me, I know it is a huge focus as a shareholder and of the board to ensure that we do.

“I know that Ken Dulieu and Andy Thorn are in the market looking for players.

"There is a budget available and they are trying to find people who fit the mould and that Andy wants at the club. “I try to leave the football side of things because they are the experts there.”