Away Win Would Be Good For Youngsters Confidence - Thorn

Last updated : 01 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City have been forced to use many Academy players this season as their budget doesn't allow them to attract senior and experienced players to the side.

The youngsters have not let the side down with their effort, passion, skill and work rate, but no matter how good they are, they do lack experience.

Coventry's manager Andy Thorn has been tasked with looking after the younger players, but it is no easy task maintaining their confidence when they do make mistakes and the side does not get the positive results they often deserve.

City have lost too many games this season by not finishing off their opposition, or have lost to very late goals and have therefore not won away from home so far this season.

Thorn said to the CT: "I think learning how to win a game is the biggest part of football education you can get. When they come through the academy, they don't get this education as there is less pressure on those games.

"It comes with experience at this level and if you could buy experience and just give them it, it would be marvellous as everything else they are doing is fantastic."