Allardyce Admits Concern On FL Fair Play Rules

Last updated : 10 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City defender Sam Allardyce has expressed concern that the Football League's Fair Play rules will stop clubs from chasing the dream of getting promoted to the Premier League. 

Representatives of all 72 Football League clubs voted in principal back in November at the Ricoh Arena, to put the issue to the vote at a meeting in February. 

However, the manager of West Ham United thinks it is a bad idea and told the Sunday Mirror: "I accept there is a need to address issues related to finances but these financial fair play rules will destroy the dream for many clubs.

"You are effectively taking away the golden egg if clubs are prevented form spending more than they earn. The gulf between the Premier League and the Football League will just widen. And be almost impossible to bridge."

"I accept owners have an obligation to ensure clubs are run on a financially sound footing and they don`t over-extend to the point where they can`t service the debt. But in order to compete you have to spend. As it is, the clubs coming down from the Premier League have a distinct advantage over their rivals with four years of parachute payments."

"That will become an even bigger advantage if the financial fair play rules are introduced next season. I think the idea that you will get penalised if you spend outside the structure that is put in place is madness. Surely it`s restrictive practise? Football is no different to any business that wants to grow."

"And what does a business that wants t grow do? It speculates and gambles on expanding and the only way to do that is to borrow money. These rules will put paid to that. Clubs will no longer be afforded the opportunity to chase the dream because it will be out of reach. It will kill football. It will be virtually impossible to develop and survive."