A Tribute To Vanessa Moore

Last updated : 10 January 2017 By CNS Sport

Tribute to Vanessa Moore by GP 

In my career I was an English teacher for 39 years; in that time I had many heads of department/faculty (I never wanted to be a head of department myself, lacking the inclination or single-mindedness to do this).  

Some were very good, some okay and a couple pretty hopeless. I have to say though that none of them were as good at their job as Vanessa Moore was at Coventry City in managing the West Stand. 

She was not a person who suffered fools (gladly or otherwise) and you messed her about at your peril as she would not stand for any nonsense, but she was a real people person and if you worked hard and did your work properly there could not be a better person to work for.  

Her staff were infused with a fierce loyalty to her and we were all sorry when she made the decision to take a different and more important role last year.  

Sadly by then, her cancer was already taking effect and this was apparent as she continued to work right up to her obscenely early death.  

Tonight, stewards will be wearing black ties in remembrance of her.

Without her and those who work in similar roles please remember there would be no matches at the Ricoh.