Horace Panter Donate's Rare Piece For Auction

Specials bass playing legend and 'born again' artist Horace Panter can’t make the Specialized 2 Beat gig on 16th March, as he’s off with The Specials touring America.

That didn’t stop him donating one of his most rare pieces to the events auction. It’s an exclusive print number 11 of just 12, painted by Horace and signed by The Specials themselves. To stand a chance of bidding for this amazing piece (and many other rare items) you have to attend the Beat gig on 16th March at The Hush, Gosford St. Money raised will help Teanage Cancer Trust and the Coventry Museum Project.

Specialized 2 stars The Beat with The Talks and The Offbeat Offensive, plus DJ’s Lady Cardboard, DJ Nutty Beats & DJ Davie Moran. It’s 18 plus and tickets are £12 available from the 2-Tone Village, Ball Hill, European Mini Market, Gosford St, Skopes Menswear in West Orchards, Vinyl Destination in Coventry Market and online at www.2tonecentral.co.uk    For more information on Horace Panter Art go to www.horacepanterart.com


“Murder on The Train to Skaville”

In the day of the 16th March there is a free pre-gig event at the 2-Tone Village from 12.00 noon with the launch of a most intriguing book entitled “Murder on The Train to Skaville” The plot centres around Rastafarian DJ Dread who is the founder and producer of the long running Pirate Radio Skankdown show. Having had a constant battle with the broadcasting authorities who won’t grant him a licence, he has devised a plan. He flees England taking with him the whole cast of Punks, Teds, Mod’s, Rockers, Hippies, Skinheads, New age Travellers and a wannabe Hells Angel. We have author Trevor Clark signing copies and reading from his ska/reggae murder mystery book so come and support Trevor, and sample the Village atmosphere and café, it’s always the place to be pre-gig! Readings are at 12.00 noon and at 3.00pm.