Sideways Sammy's City V Scunthorpe Match Preview

With the madness of the transfer window in full swing at the moment, those memories of Jordan Willis, Jordan Shipley and Jack Grimmer each scoring worldies at a delirious Wembley back in May are starting to seem like distant ones. In those glorious few days before and after promotion, this club seemed to be blazing a trail towards destiny, the past month has been a reminder that supporting Coventry City in League One is quite a lot like supporting Coventry City in League Two, minus that level of fear of dropping into the abyss of non-league.

An underwhelming pre-season has tempered the optimism to a degree, but a new season always brings new possibilities and now is the time to get all giddy about what could be in store. We may be minus a goalscoring striker in Marc McNulty, but in Tom Bayliss we have a young talent who could be set to take the division by storm, plus a fully-fit Tony Andreu and a soon-to-be-fit Jodi bloody Jones.