Supporters Fume Over Season Ticket Collection

Last updated : 13 July 2015 By Covsupport News Service

Covsupport News Service are amongst those who have been contacted regarding the collection of Coventry City season tickets by irate City supporters.

Season Tickets can only be collected from the club office at the Citibase building on Lockhurst Lane in Coventry (Postcode: CV6 5SF) and from 10am to 2pm from Monday to Friday.

However, many supporters are working during those hours and will have no chance of being able to collect their tickets, whilst others simply won't be able to collect them in their dinner hour especialy if they are confined to public transport.

One of the messages we received on the subject said: "CCFC haven't got a clue. Collection Monday to Fridays 10-2pm for season tickets? Ridiculous.

"Shop & Tickets were Gallagher based when we ordered them and nothing was said at the time that we would have to collect them from elsewhere between 10am and 2pm."

City have said that they cannot use the shop at Arena Tesco for season ticket collections and the Citibase building is not open at weekends unfortunately and "We appreciate the times are not ideal for a number of fans, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do to change."   

Those who have issues with trying to collect their season tickets can email