Only One Place For City To Be Playing Home Games - Coventry


The not unexpected news from Tim Fisher that Coventry City are looking at other playing venues leaves us with great concern. 

There is only one place for Coventry City to be playing home matches and that is in the city that bears it's name.  

Supporters will not tolerate the Sky Blues playing in Northampton, Walsall, Milton Keynes or Birmingham or anywhere for that matter.  

The club have never fully recovered from their time in Northampton and their death trap of a main stand. losing many supporters, plenty of whom have turned their back on the club, and any attempt to play out of Cov has to be seen as a suicidal move.  

Whilst we do not want to see Coventry City liquidated, we are highly concerned about the loss of jobs etc, that City not being in Cov had last time and will have yet again if the club go against what the EFL have said regarding playing within a six mile radius and find it totally unacceptable that a City with a population that Coventry has, could possibly be one of the few cities around the world of that size without a major football team playing in its city.  

We call upon those running the club to concentrate on “Keeping Cov In Cov” by either standing up to the shareholders, who have been foolish enough to invest their pensions etc in Sisu Capital Ltd and ending the legal action or put the club up for sale or let others talk to the other parties involved and see if they can break the impasse in this sordid saga, which supporters have been dragged into, through no fault of our own.