A Loyal Sky Blue Fan's Letter To The Chairman Ken Dulieu

Last updated : 23 November 2011 By Dave Allen
Dear Ken Dulieu,
Im writing to you to express my very strong views about how you, your board and SISU CAPITAL LTD are fast wrecking and ruining our beloved Coventry City Football Club.
Our beloved Coventry City Football Club belongs in the hearts of the loyal and long suffering Sky Blues Supporters like myself and the many thousands who live in Coventry, Warwickshire and close surrounding area.
I am indeed a Coventry Kid myself and was born 56 years ago in Keresley Hospital in Coventry....but have been a sky blues fanatic for over 40 years.
In the near 4 years that SISU has had control of our great football club there has been no real progress or improvement of the football club on or off the football field. You promised us proper investment in the football team on the field, this has failed to materialise...you promised us investment off the football field, again this has failed to materialise.
In reality since SISU have been in charge of our great football club, the heart, the soul, the guts, the passion, the desire and the stuffing have been taken out of Coventry City Football Club altogether....we have been totally asset-stripped to a football team destined for relegation to League One....this is just not acceptable to the many, many thousands of Coventry City fans
and supporters. This football team is so very important to the CITY OF COVENTRY and puts COVENTRY on the footballing map.
As you probably have realised by now all Coventry City fans and supporters want SISU OUT OF COVENTRY right now, this instant, this very minute.....like a long walk off a short pier.
Its about time you listened to other possible investors, as you SISU clearly have no plan, no direction, no intent on football matters, you very clearly cant and dont want to communicate with us fans and supporters and very obviously dont give a stuff about us Coventry City fans.
You must have seen all the protests and the banners at home and away games this season....WE WANT SISU OUT....WE WANT SISU OUT.....its a very clear message MR KEN DULIEU, CHAIRMAN that SISU are not wanted at this football club any more....its simply time you moved on and out of this great family football club.
A few years ago this football club had a hard core support of 15000 fans who would come to most games, with possibly 20000+ who would come to the bigger matches....but now we are down to a meagre hard core of about 11000 fans as SISU have just totally wrecked and ruined our own football club....we could only manage 15000 gate for league leaders Southampton who
I thought were a very good flowing football team.
The SISU tenure has only succeeded in driving fans away from the RICOH ARENA , these fans will only come back when SISU leave our sinking SKY BLUES SHIP. There are season ticket holders staying away now because they dont want to give SISU any more money to keep or fritter away.
The great man ANDY THORN is trying to work a big miracle and keep our SKY BLUES in the CHAMPIONSHIP.....but again he is not getting any help from SISU.....you have not helped him, backed him or supported him in the managers role.
As I write we have 30 games left in this survival battle against the dreaded relegation and we need to pick up a very minimum 40 more points, a very tall order on present form of our young partly in-experienced team. I spoke to a very good ex-manager and football pundit at the game last Saturday, he said this squad is too in-experienced for Championship football, we need a few
experienced heads to help this team till the end of the season.
Us Coventry City fans and supporters are not the footballing mugs you think we are, we know our football, and we know that SISU have no real interest in Coventry City Football Club or its fans and supporters.
Mr Chairman, while SISU are in charge of our football club, there is only one direction we are going....that is down...a very big nose-dive to probable relegation and possible oblivion....we are well and truly big time doomed under the SISU banner....there is simply no plan, no money, no direction, most certainly no ambition. If out beloved Football Club gets relegated this season it will be totally the responsibility of SISU !!!!!
Its with a passioned plea I ask you to consider the future of the GREAT CITY OF COVENTRY FOOTBALL CLUB and the fans, their thoughts and concerns.
Thank you for listening, look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,
David Allen